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If you are a veterinarian or staff member interested in utilising our services
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    ECG24-hour Holter monitorEchocardiogramAbdominal ultrasound (cystocentesis/first organ aspirate included)Bicavitary ultrasoundThyroid/parathyroid ultrasoundPregnancy ultrasoundFollow up/repeat ultrasoundThoracocentesisPericardiocentesisAbdominocentesisUltrasound-guided FNABone marrow aspirateArthrocentesis (4 joints)CSF/spinal tapTru-cut needle biopsyGastroscopyOesophageal/gastric FB removal (including endoscopy)ColonoscopyUpper and lower GI endoscopyEndoscopically assisted gastropexyEndoscopy guided balloon stricture dilationVaginoscopy/urethroscopy/cystoscopyOtoscopy, myringotomyRhinoscopyFungal nasal soakBronchoscopyThoracostomy tube (unilateral, bilateral)PEG tube (including gastroscopy)Oesophagostomy tube (O tube)Doppler blood pressureONCEPT melanoma vaccine (course of 4 vaccines)

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